Networking II

Throughout my time here at Jacksonville University, I have gone to two art shows to “Network”. I have realized that networking is not something that you do at one event and forget about. Networking is about meeting people and finding ways that they could help you leverage your own career and you can help there’s. I can have all the talent in the world but if there is no way to get me in front of a mass audience, then I would not make any profit. Over the course of the semester, I had several networking opportunities. One would be at a sorority formal event. Where I met girls and guys who go to my school who helped me get connected resulting me being a part of a project for a gender studies class. The Second Networking opportunity I had would be through Usingers where I met two of the funders for the new welcome center.

Published by Abrien Nelson

My name is Abrien Nelson I am currently in his Sophomore year as a BFA Musical Theater Major. As an emerging artist, I am happy to share my passion with the Jacksonville Community. My next projects include Jacksonville University’s production of Casablanca and Legally Blonde.

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