Grant Writing Group Project


Get in to groups of four, find a grant and apply for it.


The first step is for your group too figure out what you want to do or what you are so you can find a grant. That being said, it may be easier for your group to look through available funding sources and grants to figure out what/who you are for this assignment. Each of you will be different and have different needs and goals which is realistic.

Use the information from the presentation by Stuart McMeeking, Grant and Contract Administrator from the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Jacksonville University to find funding sources. Additionally, Jihan Grant, Media Specialist and Program Manager for theĀ Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville will be speaking to your class about opportunities locally.

Once you have identified a grant and defined yourselves as a group, artist or entity, go through the grant process. My hope is at least one member of your group will need or want to apply for something that you find and the proposal you make will be real! If this best case scenario doesn’t exist within your group, do the best you can to apply for the funding you have identified. While it will be far less exciting, just going through the process will help you when you do it for real in the future.

Turning it in

Make your post as a group and make sure to include:

  1. The grant or funding source requirements
  2. Your proposal
  3. Any and all materials required for the grant or funding source

Group Evaluation and Self Reflection

Via email, individually evaluated all members of your group including yourself. Additionally, add a few paragraphs of self reflection as part of your evaluation of yourself.