Performance Experience Responses

Create a post of your responses to the following to work toward more peak performance experiences.

  1. Describe how you want to experience your next performance. Imagine walking on stage: How do you want to feel physically? What kinds of thoughts do you want to be having? What emotions do you want to experience?
  2. How would you like to come across to your audience? What image do you want to convey through your stage entrances, exits, and bows?
  3. Have you recently videotaped a performance and later watched it with a mentor to discuss your stage presence? If not, when might you be able to do this?
  4. How do you experience performance anxiety? Describe your specific symptoms:
    1. physical
    2. thought patterns (self-talk)
    3. feelings
  5. Of the interventions described for handling anxiety in this chapter, which do you plan to work on?
  6. Have you ever experienced discomfort during or after practice? What have you done as a result of feeling this discomfort?
  7. How often do you take breaks during practice sessions? How long are these breaks? What do you do during these breaks?
  8. To help ensure a lifetime of healthy music making, what else (beyond taking breaks) can you do to help safeguard your performance health?