Personal Music Brand

For this assignment, most of you already have your materials together but maybe it’s been some time since you’ve updated them.

What is a personal music brand? It usually is made up of several things which will be unique to the musician/artist. Generally, the minimum would be a name, bio, photograph, website, EPK, letterhead and social media presence. Additionally, it could also include a logo, symbol, tagline, design, artist statement, a mission and/or vision statement. It can include your specific genre or one you coin yourself, your style (fashion, accessories, instrument), location, pets or hobbies.

You’ve already completed the first step in understanding a brand by doing your artist case study. What is the brand of the artist that you did the case study for?

The following few articles do a great job explaining and helping you understand and create your brand. Read them to help you with your process.

Below is the complete guide which is free and is the one referenced in the sonic bids article.

So what are you turning in? At the bare minimum, a name, bio, photo, letterhead, on-line presence a mission or vision statement and some form of EPK. You should be able to determine what you need based on the readings, your research and by your artist case study. This will be completely different for each student. Once your personal brand assignment is complete, please post your mission or vision statement, a link to your site (this could be Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.), EPK and social media page(s). Additionally, embed a PDF of your letterhead. You may have questions as you work your way through all of this. Please feel free to ask me, your studio teachers and as always, the career services center is a great resource!