Chris Mandel Internal Funding

Internal Funding Request.

I will be applying for the Pensacola Foo-Foo Festival Grant.

I am asking for a grant in order to produce my senior showcase in Pensacola which is my hometown so I can perform my senior showcase as an entire production. The grant would cover expenses for designing lighting and set design. It would also cover payment for my accompanist. I am planning a fully produced show with music dancing and actors. It would be a show that can run for a weekend. I would need to pay for the space at the Pensacola Little Theatre. I am asking for $5,000 to cover travel expenses of performers as well as expenses for the actual production.

The production is one that I feel would benefit both myself and the Pensacola community. It will show people who were not able to travel all the way to Jacksonville and see my senior showcase the one day it happened. I would also hope to receive better visual recordings in order to use the footage to help further my career. I know that the show would be successful and would help spread what I learned when I left home, and to show Pensacola that a small-town boy can have a very large voice.

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