Networking Assignment II

My hope is that you have or will go to a networking event that is more relevant to what you are doing with your career. That said, you may just be too busy to make that happen and if that’s the case, follow the directions below. If you did/do make it to your own event, use the same format to write about your experience!

Go to the Art opening at the Alexander Brest Gallery and try to speak with at least five people. What do you talk about? Well, this is up to you but a gallery opening is a great place to easily network. There’s food and wine you can comment on, people are looking at the art which can spark lengthy conversations and if you’re just at a loss, the artist(s) is usually around and can speak to you about their work which then will give you something to say to someone when they are looking at a specific piece.

Since this is a writing intensive course, you’ll be writing a reflection about this experience. How did you prepare? What was your goal? What worked best? What are some interesting things you learned from the people you met? What seemed to spark the most interest in people you spoke with about you? How will you improve the next time you do this? What kind of events do you feel are better suited for you to network at?

Make sure to post any articles, guides or cite books or magazines you may have used.

Here are a couple of guides to get you started. You’ll be doing this again so no need to worry if it didn’t go as well as you wanted.