Chris Mandel Networking 2

Networking 2

  1. How did you prepare?
    1. I had to audition for Florida Theatre conference and was passed on with the highest score in the state. So, I qualified to got to the South Eastern Theatre conference in March.
  2. What was your goal?
    1. My goal was to audition for professional jobs, as well as look into some master programs.
  3. What worked best?
    1. I was able to talk to a few schools and found out many different things that I had no ideas about getting a masters. I did my audition exactly how I did it before and only got a few callbacks sadly.
  4. What are some interesting things you learned from the people you met?
    1. I learned that there are some master programs that pay for your entire tuition as well as pay you a stipend because you will be helping so much under a professor’s wing. I learned about the few schools that offer a Master of Fine Arts in Musical theatre, even though there are only a few.
  5. What seemed to spark the most interest in people you spoke with about you?
    1. I enjoyed seeing what everyone else was doing at the conference and why they were there. It was interesting to see that some people were there for professional jobs, auditioning for master’s programs, or even for undergrad programs. There was so much important information to take in as well as many master classes with information that was very good to have since I am graduating this year.
  6. How will you improve the next time you do this?
    1. Next time I do this, or this type of event I will know exactly what I am looking for know and learn. I will have information about me ready for them to hand them so they can stay in contact with me.
  7. What kind of events do you feel are better suited for you to network at?
    1. I would say that this event was a great one for me to network at. It is filled with many valuable resources that is good for me to have in my hands. I met a lot of people as well as ran into old friends at the event. It is good to have these theatre conferences where people from all over can come together and learned more about what is around them and what there is others have to offer.

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