Marissa/Derisa/Joseph/Bailee – Grant Writing Group Project

Dream Support Grant

The NSLS aims to empower and engage individuals in embarking upon their dreams and aspirations. We recognize that working towards a personal goal takes unlimited hard work, unyielding determination, and unbreakable courage that must defy all odds. The purpose of this grant is to support individuals in achieving their dream. Please note: This is not a need based award. Those seeking scholarships for tuition or books/materials should apply for the Academic Excellence or Financial Aid Materials Award.

  • $5,000 is available to be awarded for each scholarship term. Applicants must specify the amount they are requesting.
  • Number of Recipients: Due to the various amounts requested, there may be multiple winners
  • Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Featured in our newsletter
  • Inducted Member of the NSLS (steps to induction completed—it is not necessary for you to have attended an induction ceremony to be eligible)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Attendance or credit from at least one NSLS event/meeting from previous calendar year at the time of submission
  • Completed online application.
  • Copy of most current transcript.
  • Maximum three (3) page essay (12 pt. font, double-spaced) or VIDEO (no longer than three minutes) that includes the following:
    1. Amount you are requesting and where the money is specifically needed (outline of costs).
    2. Your dream: how this dream came to be, what are your action steps to achieve it, and what obstacles or challenges have you had or are expecting to have in achieving it?
    3. How will this grant directly contribute to you accomplishing your dream?
    4. Provide two or more examples of how your membership in the NSLS has positively contributed to or influenced those around you.

Part 1:

Foam Panels$59.97
Neumann Microphones$699
Logic Pro X$199.99
Audio Interface$699
Total Expenses:$3,156.96

My dream is to be a producer with my own recording studio. Of course it will take some time to afford leasing a venue, so the studio may have to start as a spare room in my home. In order to make the recording studio come to life, I would need the essential things listed above which would cost approximately $3,156.96. The foam panels ($59.97) are important for acoustic absorption so that all that remains is the direct sound from the instrument to the microphones. Of course a microphone will be essential for recording, with Neumann ($699) being a great multipurpose microphone. The iMac ($1,499) will be used for the creative work that will be done through the digital audio workstation of Logic Pro X ($199.99). The audio interface ($699) will be used to upgrade the sound output of the computer.

Part 2:

Growing up in the islands a place that is engulfed by a musical scene that is much unique to anywhere else in the world and spending much of my free time in the church I fell in love with music. I would turn on the television and devote most of the viewing experience to networks that transmitted music videos, behind the scene specials, and interviews with my favorite artist. It was in those precious moments I knew I wanted to be a music producer. Over the years I have dedicated my life to learning how to play musical instruments and how to use recording software, the struggle however has been finding a space or rather the funds to support the endeavor; a place that is free of distractions where others along with myself are able to create. In addition to finding a space, other challenges I may encounter are obtaining funds to buy basic music equipment (microphones, interface, computer etc.)

Part 3:

This grant will directly contribute to my vision of opening up my own recording studio by providing the funds that I would not otherwise have to buy the necessary equipment to operate. The grant would directly attribute to microphones, computer, interface, outboard gear, plugins, desk, sound absorption material etc.

Part 4:

In the Fall of 2018, I underwent the process to be inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). After being inducted, I noticed that I had a new perspective on Mondays. Before my membership in NSLS, I used to think that Mondays were a drag but now I view them as the first opportunity to put myself in a position to achieve my weekly goals. The people around me noticed that my spirits were lifted and I had became very excited for Mondays. Additionally I believe, motivational Mondays had a huge impact on how I viewed them. The second thing people noticed was my new viewpoints. Through the various speaker broadcasts I was able to achieve a better understanding of myself. It change my philosophy for the better. NSLS provided me with the mindset for academic excellence.

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