Learning Journal II – Grant Oliver

Learning Journal II

What is your unique gift? – Do you believe in it enough to invest everything you have in it?

  • I believe my unique gift would be my passion for sharing music with others. I’ve already started down the road of structuring my life around this passion, from teaching others about music, to creating new music for others to enjoy. So I would say I believe in it enough.

What difference are you trying to make in the world? – How passionate are you about doing this?

  • I want to change how people think about music. Music already impacts how people feel and I would want to share more music like this. Music that affects how people go about their day and that could change their life.

How do you define success for yourself? – What challenges do you face in order to create success?

  • I would define success as being in a position where I have the freedom to pursue my art while also being able to support myself and my family. This of course can be a challenge, as everyone knows music doesn’t pay beans. So the largest challenge is finding a sustainable income through my music.

What is career vision and a mission?

  • My career vision is to impact as many people with music as I can. This summer I will be starting as music director at a local church. I think this is a great way to get involved in the community and start meeting musicians and begin to teach new ones. I eventually want to partner with this church and jump-start their songwriting team and recording studio.

Can you innovate and creates value and successfully communicate that value to intended audiences?

  • I think that I can lead by example. By pushing myself to be the best musician I can, I will have the opportunity to communicate with audiences.

Do you have a positive attitude?

  • Of course! I’ve always set big goals for myself and believed I can achieve them.

Have you set your goals? What is your road map to success? Can you set inspiring and realistic goals?

  • I have, see the above about being creative and financially stable. But my road map to success mainly involves being diverse and open to new opportunities, because you never know which ones will be successful

Do you have and/or acquire the necessary expertise to actualize your vision?

  • I think I’m entering my field with a good amount of knowledge to accomplish the things I want. Of course, there will always be new things, and i’m always ok with having to learn new systems.

What opportunities are you looking for? What opportunities are you creating or intend to create?

  • I’m always looking for opportunities to partner with great people. I believe that all the best things are created with multiple people, so I’m always looking for people that can help do the things that I can’t.

How comfortable are you with uncertainty? What risks are you willing to take?

  • I’ve always been pretty comfortable taking risks. I would never gamble everything I have, but I’m always willing to try a new path if it looks promising.

When facing challenges, do you persevere or do you walk away?

  • I persevere as long as I still see it as a positive opportunity.

What actions are you taking to realize your vision? Are you consistently taking action?

  • My main philosophy is to work for the job you want, not the job you have. I’m always trying to better myself, to learn new things, and to open new doors.

What is your plan to continually grow and evolve? How have you grown or evolved in there past year or three?

  • See the above for future growth. But over the last three years I think I have grasped what I can and cannot do, and I think this is important for being able to set realistic goals.

How easy is it for you to reach out to others to ask for support and to offer help?

  • I’ve never had an issue asking others for help. One of the most important qualities of a leader is knowing when you aren’t able to do something, and being able to ask for help and advice.

How are you inspiring others to join and/or support your mission in order to create a financially sustainable enterprise that allows you to live your gift and contribute something valuable to society? – If you aren’t currently, how do you intend to?

  • Like I said, I’m currently employed as music director. This alone will give me a good financial backbone, and I also intend to diversify. I already give lessons and record sessions at my house, all these come together to allow me to create under a sustainable income.

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