Networking assignment #2 Angelika Robison

Jazz week at Jacksonville University

During my time at Jacksonville University, I have been lucky enough to be apart of two years of our jazz festival. While participating in the jazz festival we had multiple performance opportunities, master classes, and many guest artists. This year we had the experience of having Geoffery Keezer and his wonderful trio, which while having them I got to escort and hangout with during the week. I also had the pleasure of meeting Nick Urie, and Joel Griffin. Nick Urie is the assistant professor of contemporary writing and production at Berklee School of Music. Joel Griffin is the assistant professor of jazz studies at Evangel University, both of which are amazing teachers and tremendous performers. While with them during the week I was able to talk to them at length about my career and what I could do better it moving forward. Getting advice from two fantastic musicians is significant to my career. I was told that with the networking skills that I showed them whilst talking to them they were impressed with the questions I asked them.

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