Grant Writing Group Project

Chris Smith, Jacinto Sims, Luke Stribling, and Holden Hackney

Grant: Art Works Grant

Organization: National Endowment for the Arts

Funding Requested: Matching $10,000

Grant and Funding Source Requirements:

The grant/funding source requirements are that the project must have one of the following topics. Honor the 2020 women’s suffrage centennial, engage with historically cultural universities, celebrate Americas creativity and cultural heritage, invite a dialogue that fosters a mutual respect for the diverse beliefs and values of all persons and groups, or enrich our humanity by broadening our understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a society.


We hope to offer an educational and enriching experience for youth that teaches them about the influence of world music in western pop. We will do so by demonstrating numerous traditional styles of world music on handmade percussion instruments. This project aims to spread awareness about national influence on our arts and entertainment and foster a greater sense of unity between people of differing backgrounds. The clinic would involve demonstrations as well as discussion of regional instruments. The grant funds would go towards marketing, material costs, and transportation.

This event would occur at multiple different locations around Jacksonville, traveling to schools and family friendly venues.

The grant requires submission to the webpage and the Applicant Portal on their website.

Published by Chris Smith

Christopher Smith is a musician and entrepreneur based out of Jacksonville, Florida. As the owner of CJS Percussion, he crafts innovative percussive art pieces that have been described as organic and cutting edge. He is currently pursuing a degree in Music Business at Jacksonville University under the guidance of Mark Snyder and is studying percussion with Tony Steve. Christopher performs in the Jacksonville University Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and is the principal percussionist for the JU Wind Ensemble. He is involved with Dolphinium Records, where he is the head of manufacturing and licensing.

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