Chris Smith Networking II

I chose to network at a recent show I played with my band Primary School on March 22nd. We played alongside bands Hensley, Teen Divorce, and EJ Hervey. I enjoyed reconnecting with many familiar faces and finding out what projects they are currently involved in. I remembered what I had read in my research about standing a few feet from the bar to make connections and I found it really helped in sparking conversation. I had several conversations in between the other band’s sets. I found this was the best time to gather around the bar because many of the people who were listening to our set and the other bands exited the back room to grab another drink when groups were switching over. Being apart of the show gave me more motivation to make a memorable first impression in both my performance, and in how I carry myself. I learned a lot during this event about my behavior before and after a performance. Before we played I found I was much less social because my focus was split between hyping myself up and socializing. I never really realized how closed off and serious I become before performing which was eye opening. However, post-performance, I felt completely confident from an amazing set which fueled some incredible conversations. I talked with EJ Hervey about his new group Follow Your Heart, and about the Jacksonville DIY community. I also spoke with Devon Vonbalson about Jacksonville University, as well as what groups he is involved in. In interacting with these individuals, I found things that interested me about them, and led the conversation with that before shifting gears to talk about myself, and my career goals. I focused on being genuine and supportive of the other bands performing that night. I also wanted those who came to see Primary School to feel as though they were appreciated for coming out and supporting us.

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Christopher Smith is a musician and entrepreneur based out of Jacksonville, Florida. As the owner of CJS Percussion, he crafts innovative percussive art pieces that have been described as organic and cutting edge. He is currently pursuing a degree in Music Business at Jacksonville University under the guidance of Mark Snyder and is studying percussion with Tony Steve. Christopher performs in the Jacksonville University Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and is the principal percussionist for the JU Wind Ensemble. He is involved with Dolphinium Records, where he is the head of manufacturing and licensing.

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