Grant Writing Group Project

Taylor Neal, Grant Oliver, and Erik Blomgren

Grant: Cultural Service Grant Program

Funding Requested: $3,000

Organization: Bold City Artist Collective

Contacts: Grant Oliver, Taylor Neal, and Erik Blomgren

Project Details

Project Name: The Grant Grant Project

Abstract: Searching for a grant to support an event for young local artists to showcase a number of projects and collaborations. This event is a way to bring together different aspects of the local arts scene, from visual to digital arts, music and spoken word. The event will need to take place in a venue that can fit 150-250 people. We will need a budget for renting the space, a sound system, and lighting. The profit we make from ticket sales can go to paying the artists. We will have a stage area for bands, an area for spoken word artists, and an area for visual artists to present and sell their work, and a projector set up for a film showcase. By getting a diverse variety of artists involved in different aspects of local art, this event will serve as a supportive networking event for artists to step out of the comfort of their scene and be introduced to all of the other amazing work happening around the city of Jacksonville. The majority of artists involved will be students and young adults from all over Jacksonville. This event will show the impact that young artists have on the arts culture of Jax.

Investigator(s) Assurance:

(All Applicants Must Sign) By signing this Application Form, I acknowledge and accept responsibility for the technical content and quality of the proposed project and assure that the information contained on this form/packet is true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Applicant 1:  x ____________________________ Print:  x _____________________________

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Purpose:  The goal of this project is to unite artists from different scenes within the Jacksonville area in order to encourage collaboration and to help develop a platform for current and younger generations of artists in the Jacksonville area.  By bringing artists from different perspectives and backgrounds together to help foster a stronger atmosphere of unity and cohesion within the local scene we hope to help establish a wider pathway for the next generation of Jacksonville artists.  

Organizational Eligibility for Application

The Bold City Artist Collective is a new and developing non-profit that strives to support up-and-coming artists across all disciplines in the Jacksonville scene.  We strive to partner with organizations throughout Jacksonville to help foster an environment of collaboration and growth for all peoples, regardless of ethnicity, creed, gender, orientation, or identity.  In this venture we hope to establish a broader audience for the arts, and increased access to the arts within the Jacksonville community.

Event Details

Event location: Murray Hill Theater/Vagabond Coffee

932 Edgewood Avenue South

(904) 388-7807


  • $500 venue rental (connected to the owner)
  • $350 coffee shop rental (connected to the owner)
  • $250 Insurance
    • $1,000 deductible
  • $100 marketing
    • Posters
    • Outreach
    • (These costs are made a bit lighter by nature of the event; through reaching the fans through the artists, essentially helping to foster a self sustaining information loop of outreach and exposure).
  • $350 lighting equipment rental
  • $500 for lighting designer
    • Discussed with Austin Kelm, he recommended us to James Tucker.  Tucker is familiar with the venue and comes highly recommended for events of this type.
  • $100 Live sound engineer

Final Cost: $2,900


Tickets – $10

200 attendees estimated

$2,000 split


  • Tenny Rudolph (photography/R&B artist)
  • Geexella (DJ/artist)
  • Tay (ambient multimedia)
  • Bev (indie singer songwriter)
  • Jadyn Duguid (visual art)
  • Kevin Mierez (visual art, zine)
  • Chelsea Hart-Cantabane (zine, spoken word poetry)

4 total bands – 30 minute sets

4 visual artists set up in Vagabond

Date and Time:

July 27, 2019 – 6PM-11PM

Proposed Schedule:

3PM – Lighting setup / decorating and organizing begins

4PM – Band load in, Sound tech call time. Visual artist’s call time to set up arts market

5PM – Soundcheck first band

6PM – doors open, arts market open

7PM – First artist 30 minute set

7:45PM – spoken word artist performing in lobby

8PM – Second band 30 minute set

8:45PM – spoken word artist 2

9PM – Third band 40 minute set

10PM – Last band plays

Marketing outlets:

  • Jax is Rad
  • We Rise Movement
  • LEAP via the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

Organizational Point of Contact:

Taylor Neal


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