Networking assignment 1

Melissa Allen

I was not incredibly anxious about attending a networking event, I attend many for my other area of study and find talking to new people to be fairly easy. I wore something presentable (not fancy but not workout clothes either) and made sure to go in with the frame of mind that I was there to talk to people. My goal was to talk with three seperate people about the art exhibit that I either did not know, or did not know very well. I found the best tactic was to strike up a conversation with someone lingering in the same general vicinity as myself and make a comment about something nearby. I enjoyed doing this because i learned other people‚Äôs interpretations of  the art that was being shown, and it broadened my horizons a bit. Conversations seemed to keep turning toward the theme of politics and art, which I found particularly interesting. The next time i try networking at an event like this i would like to ask more questions and talk less. I feel a bit more comfortable at political events than at art events.

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