Ian Hyche – Internal Funding Request

For my internal funding request I would be applying for the New Music USA Project Grant Program. In order to apply, one simply registers with their website at:

Once there you can fill out your profile. Your profile can be something as simple as a Head shot with a link to your website, or you could fill it out with a bio, samples of your work, and more.

Once that’s complete, create a page for your project. It will remain private throughout the review and deliberation process. If your project is selected, you will be contacted to receive your funding and your project will be published alongside the other funded projects on the website.

The project I would be funding is one that I had thought of, but wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to pursue.

The idea was that I would create a series of auditory “scenes” where actors, only lit by their silhouettes, would pantomime and act out the scenes being played out. This would take place in a dimly lit swisher theater, and would utilize their sound system, with some additions, in order to create the best auditory experience for the listener.

All the work would be created and designed by myself, but I would hire actors and lighting technicians in order to help build and put on the production.

Application for the RCAS:

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