The Art Gallery exhibit was a great opportunity to be able to easily talk to and communicate with new people. I had never been to an art opening before so I was not exactly sure what to expect, but the casual, laid back atmosphere was perfect for networking.  I went into the event with the goal of talking to both artists as well as people just viewing the event. I was surprised to find a large variety of people attending, I talked to a biology major, and a person that did not even attend JU and just wanted go to the opening. I found that the best way to network with people was to find a topic they related to or were familiar with. I had a lengthy conversation with a student after we both compared one of the paintings to illustrations from a Harry Potter book. Finding relatable topics seems to be the best way to get people to open up and talk. I could then use this to bring up what their major or job was, and then circle it back around to what mine is, and what I want to do in my field. Of course I feel like I can always do better next time, and plan on using the tools I learned right off the bat next time. I hope the next event we attend is similar to this one. Casual and easy to walk around and find new people to talk to. I think events that are to formal would be a more difficult atmosphere to talk to people in.

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