Abrien Nelson Networking Journal 1

Abrien Nelson

Mark Snyder

Music Entrepreneurship

January 23, 2019

Networking Journal 1

            At the art opening at the Alexander Brest Gallery I had an amazing time. It was interesting seeing all the unique and obscure art work. Before I accomplish any task, there has to be some preparation involved. I prepared by dressing the part. I was wearing khakis and a blue button up shirt and a blue and red bowtie. This was a promising idea because it made me stand out. I naturally attracted people to come and talk to me, I was approachable. Many people at the art opening took me seriously. Talking about what I was wearing was a great and easy conversation starter. I went to the art opening with three goals, the first two were to meet someone who could aid me in exposure with my own art or meet someone who could give me scholarship money. These were two very ambitious goals that I did not meet. I did meet my third goal which was to experience, and enjoy some good art. I used a what I like to call a targeting system. I would scan the art gallery for a patron that was looking at a piece of work by him or herself. Then I would approach them and proceed to talk about the act and eventual get to know the person a little more. One of the most interesting people I ran into would be an artist who had one of their pieces on display. It was interesting to hear him talk about the different techniques he used. He was very authentic and real, and I would tell that he truly enjoyed what he was doing.  If I ever got the opportunity to network at a venue like this again, I would take more of a risk and initiate more conversation. I would also do more research on what the art opening is about. Networking is a skill that is need all throughout life and it is detrimental to anyone who is trying to be in the music industry. This is no better or worse location for networking because as an entrepreneur I am always networking.

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My name is Abrien Nelson I am currently in his Sophomore year as a BFA Musical Theater Major. As an emerging artist, I am happy to share my passion with the Jacksonville Community. My next projects include Jacksonville University’s production of Casablanca and Legally Blonde.

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