Networking Assignment II

Erik Blomgren

            This most recent networking assignment was for the Senior art showcase last Thursday.  I had to show up half an hour late for the event because I had forgotten my work clothes at home, and I had to leave early for to work a concert that night.  Despite these setbacks, I still managed to network with five different people so I’m pretty proud of myself for that. 

The first person I talked to was Leah, a photography major. We discussed Morgan Zawis’ piece, and found that we both also knew her from outside of classes, which was kinda funny in the circumstances.  The piece seemed reminiscent of a zen garden, we both found, and at the end of some deliberation we decided that a fountain would complete the piece nicely. 

            The second person I networked with was Gwyneth, an art major. We discussed Emil’s work ‘Black, White, and Both.’  Most of our discussion revolved around the interesting combination of text (in the form of journal entries), pottery, and painting.  She was fairly shy so I unfortunately didn’t get much farther than that outside of a few general discussions about how each of us has been (we’ve conversed once before). 

            The third person I met with was Alan Ruff, over a discussion on Nichole’s illustrtations.  We had an in-depth discussion of the applications of watercolor and moved from there on to the process of working in artist teams and the management side of art.  We also discussed Chihuly and some of his works as I was wearing a Chihuly hat at the time; turns out Alan’s dream is actually to work with him in the future.  On that front, we discussed how accidents shape artists and their work, and how trauma affects the views of the artist.  Turns out he actually met Chihuly in Italy while on a trip to the Vatican (I knew wearing the hat would open doors at the event haha).  We also discussed the more bureaucratic sides to the art and music industry and exchanged contact info as it turns out he also plays bass and drums.  We’ve been in touch since and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future. 

            The fourth person I met with was Kim.  Our conversation started on the art but quickly drifted over to the drone of office life and the modern workplace.  She just got accepted to grad school (a three-year program) and has been working at the university.  We also briefly delved into existentialism and discussed how stress is a state of mind rather than an emotion or a feeling.  It was a pretty good chat all in all. 

            The final attendee I met was Iris, an art major and photographer.  We briefly discussed Nichole’s work and her talent at illustration.  She was very soft-spoken so it was hard to hear her in the confines of the gallery but thankfully we carried our conversation outdoors.  She asked me some questions about my work as the hall manager and mentioned that she was considering picking up a business major and pursuing gallery management.  We went on to discuss venue management as a whole. 

            Honestly, I’m happy with the progress I made over the course of the semester.  Compared to the last networking assignment, I feel like I’ve grown exponentially in both my confidence and my public speaking ability.  Most importantly, I feel like I’ve gotten more comfortable being myself around others, which isn’t something I expected to work on in this class (and I don’t think is a direct result, to be fair) but is something I’m happy about nonetheless. 

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