Networking #1

To prepare for our first networking event, the opening of the new art exhibits at the Alexander Brest Gallery, I made sure to read up on what exhibits to expect at the gallery. This gave me an advantage to help talk about what we were looking at, as well as help with interpretation. My goal for this networking event wasn’t exclusively to speak strictly about the art, but to also strike conversation with individuals to somewhat learn how they interpreted things as well. When examining the pieces of artwork, I would point out a small, minor detail that may not be noticed right away. This made communicating with others around me quite simple. For example, on one of the pieces, there was what appeared to be a tongue. I would make a joke regarding the tongue, and made people chuckle. In return, people would laugh and be more eager to open up about what we saw and communicating with me. The next time there is a networking event, I definitely plan to spend more time speaking with individual parties more, instead of bouncing from people to people. Personally, as an aspiring manager, I would like to network at more local band performances with families and staff of the artists. This will hopefully give e some insight on how the life of an artist is actually.

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  1. This is great but I was hoping for more detail such as a description of the individual conversations you had. Love that you went in prepared!

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