Learning Journal Assignment I – Holden Hackney

What is your unique gift? – Do you believe in it enough to invest everything you have in it?

-My unique gift is my ability to adapt and overcome in any situation. Whether it’s a gig, a job, a personal goal, a career goal, academic goal, I always find a way to plot the course and make it a reality. Yes, I do believe in my gift enough to invest. I invest everyday by being patient, seeing the long term result, and making the small short term steps necessary to get their one day.

What difference are you trying to make in the world? – How passionate are you about doing this?

-The difference I would like to make in the world is to show that anything is possible, I would like to inspire other people to pursue their dreams no matter what! I am extremely passionate about this. I like to think that I am a very patient person. I have many big goals and dreams that I know will take time and lots of hard work. Some things I hope to do one day may seem far out and unrealistic to some people, but I know my passion and determination will get me there one day. The difference I want to make is to achieve my goals in order to show other people that anything is possible through hard work and determination.

How do you define success for yourself? – What challenges do you face in order to create success?

-I define success very simply. Success to me will be doing all the things I love to do, and being financially enabled to live comfortably. The only challenges I face are mental road blocks. I’m very hard on myself which can be good and bad. Sometimes I let it get the best of me which is a challenge at times.

What is career vision and a mission?

-I believe this can be defined as your ultimate long term goal, coupled with your masterplan of how your gonna make it happen.

Can you innovate and creates value and successfully communicate that value to intended audiences?

-Yes this is something I can do, but something I definitely need to work on. It’s not my strong suit.

Do you have a positive attitude?

-Majority of the time yes, I have a very positive outlook on things. I think this is something that contributes to the success I’ve had so far.

Have you set your goals? What is your road map to success? Can you set inspiring and realistic goals?

-Yes, I’ve set my goals. My road map to success includes finishing my education in music and pursuing music beyond college. After that, I do have a few realistic goals that would make me successful but I also would like to not close off any opportunities that may arise. I have a few things I would really love to do after college, but I am also looking for and trying to come up with other opportunities for other things. Yes, I can set inspiring and realistic goals, I have some already.

Do you have and/or acquire the necessary expertise to actualize your vision?

-I believe I do have some of what is necessary, but I recognize I have a lot to learn still. I am confident I will eventually gain all of what is necessary to actualize my vision.

What are your priorities? Can you set priorities?

-As of now, my priorities are music, school, and physical/mental health. Yes, I can set priorities.

What opportunities are you looking for? What opportunities are you creating or intend to create?

– I’m looking for bigger opportunities in music to travel and record. I’ve created some new opportunities with a band to travel to SXSW in march to play some shows and network, as well as a west coast tour in late spring/early summer. I intend to create more opportunities like this in the future.

How comfortable are you with uncertainty? What risks are you willing to take?

-I am pretty comfortable with uncertainty. I am very adventurous and enjoy taking risks.

When facing challenges, do you persevere or do you walk away?

-I always persevere.

What experience have you learned the most from?

-I’ve always learned the most from failed experiences, getting into trouble, basically learning the hard way has always taught me the most.

What actions are you taking to realize your vision? Are you consistently taking action?

-An action I take to realize my vision is to research, watch, daydream, and visualize all the things I want to do one day. This drives me to take the necessary steps to get me there one day. I do this everyday.

How well do you put things in context? Are you able to easily respond to changes in your environment? What’s your best example?

-My answer to the first question in this one is really relative to what I would be putting into context. As far explaining things and putting things into my own words to explain context to someone else, I’m not very good at this and definitely need to work on it. But as far as music, or my own personal actions and thoughts, I am very good at adjusting and putting things into context. I am usually pretty good with changes in my environment. My best example doesn’t really relate to music, but I believe over time has translated into musical context for me. I work for the Ocean Rescue Division of the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department, which is a job that demands the ability to respond to changes in your environment all day everyday. From the constant change in weather and ocean conditions, to the constant change in patron demographic and ability. I believe this has subconsciously translated into every aspect of my life giving me the ability to be diverse and adjust on the fly.

What is your plan to continually grow and evolve? How have you grown or evolved in there past year or three?

-My plan is to continue to push myself in order to grow and evolve. I’ve grown in the past year or two mostly from JU and many new experiences and opportunities musically and beyond.

How easy is it for you to reach out to others to ask for support and to offer help?

-Fairly easy, this is something I do frequently.

How are you inspiring others to join and/or support your mission in order to create a financially sustainable enterprise that allows you to live your gift and contribute something valuable to society? – If you aren’t currently, how do you intend to?

-This is something I’m not currently doing and need to work on. One way I see myself doing this one day is by traveling and sharing my music and message to as many people around the world as I can. I also hope one day to start a successful YouTube channel that allows people to see my journey, and inspires them to pursue their passions!

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