Artist Case Study – Gina Mendello of CPR Entertainment

Connected through a family friend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Mendello, the CEO of her own full service management firm titled CPR Entertainment. Below is a recap of the insight she had to give for my questions.

What makes you and your work unique? 

“I selected my current roster of talent that allowed me to focus with diligence. Keeping my firm small and condensed allows for maintaining one-on-one interaction with my talents, and ensures things are being done correctly to my standards, which are exceptionally high.”

Do you have a brand or artist statement? 

“CPR Entertainment”

What is your mission or vision? 

“I partner with the artist, nurture their work, and realize their potential in the media, the marketplace, and live performance on the road.”

Do you have goals laid out for the next 5-10 years?

“Artistic and commercial success is the ultimate goal.”

What do you do? 

“I organize the recordings, design the packaging, create and sell the merchandise, stimulate publicity and promotion, organize the show and generally supervise the execution of all of the artist requirements.”

What opportunities are you on the lookout for? 

“CPR aims to expand their booking capabilities over time creating a full-service management, booking, and merchandise business for a unique roster of musical talents.”

It was incredibly insightful to not only have the opportunity to connect with a practicing manager in the entertainment industry, but to have a set of guidelines to ask informative questions rather than sitting in front of her asking her to tell me everything.

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