Networking II Assignment, Landon Blackburn.

On March 22nd I and the rest of the students that make up Dolphinium Records went out together to the music venue Raindogs to see our fellow friend, Chris Smith, perform with his band Primary School. I decided to dress business casual in hopes to not only network with local bands to record but to also look halfway professional while I did it. I met with a band named, “Super Haunted,” and Chelsea Hart-Cantabeane. Super Haunted is an alternative rock group and Chelsea Hart-Cantabeane is a poet and artist who wrote the presskit for Taylor Neal’s band, “Bobby Kid.”

How did you prepare? – I decided that for this assignment I would go in as a representative of Dolphinium Records and share information. I ask President Mcswain, what she would like me to point out about Dolphinium and how I should approach each potential future client.

What was your goal? – My goal was to get potential clients connected with President Mcswain. To break the ice for so that when they got in contact with her, they knew exactly what questions to ask, and that she knew exactly how to answer them.

What worked best? – Walking up to one of the memebers of the band and introducing myself and the label I represent.

What are some interesting things you learned from the people you met? – They were all willing and wanting to seek out more information about Dolphinium records.

What seemed to spark the most interest in people you spoke with about you? – The fact that Dolphinium Records is a full service recording studio and that they had to speak to me before they could speak with the president. This shows tha DR is pretty organized.

How will you improve the next time you do this? I would like to have physical information to give to potential clients. As in, information regarding dolphinium and what we offer as a label.

What kind of events do you feel are better suited for you to network at? Definitly events that involve music people who make music.

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