Marissa – Internal Funding Request


Higher education is one of the most valuable investments any individual can make. It requires commitment to education and discipline to persevere through the academic rigors of undergraduate or graduate studies. The NSLS recognizes inducted members that exemplify leadership accomplishments, as well as high academic standing.


  • $3,000 toward undergraduate or graduate tuition
  • Number of Recipients: 12
  • Certificate of Accomplishment


  • Inducted Member of the NSLS (steps to induction completed—it is not necessary for you to have attended an induction ceremony to be eligible)
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7
  • Attendance or credit from at least one NSLS event/meeting from previous calendar year at the time of submission
  • Must be an enrolled student in the following semester after Scholarship Term
  • Award is ONLY payable to the school toward school tuition


  • Completed online application.
  • Copy of current transcript.
  • Maximum five (5) page essay (12 pt. font, double-spaced) or VIDEO (no longer than three minutes) that includes the following:
    1. What has been your most significant accomplishment as a leader?

      During my four years at Jacksonville University I have held 13 different leadership positions across 8 different organizations, and my most significant accomplishment was during my term as the Panhellenic Council President in 2018.

      As the Panhellenic Council President, I was able to lead my council to increase the number of members in the Panhellenic community by 39% during the 2018 Fall Recruitment. A part of my role as the Panhellenic Council President was to oversee the planning and execution of fall sorority recruitment. Planning a successful recruitment is not for the faint of heart as it takes seven months of meetings, revisions, planning, training, and lastly execution.

      A big responsibility of mine was to ensure that things were on track and running smoothly, but there were many other underlying responsibilities. During those tireless and demanding months, it was my role to keep the recruitment committee motivated and inspired when things felt frustrating or impossible. It was my role to show them support when challenging situations arose. It was my role to keep the bond and morale of the team strong. All of this along with the hard work of the council collectively led to the “smoothest” and “most successful” recruitment that the Director of Student Involvement at the time had seen at the school.

    2. What do you intend to do with the degree you are currently working towards (if known)?

      I am currently completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business with a management track. My post-graduation plans include moving to Atlanta, Georgia to work with the company Georgia-Pacific in their consumer products division as a rotational sales associate. Although I won’t be working in a field related to my undergraduate major, I credit my major for introducing me to my interests and capabilities in data analytics.

      Due to having a thirst for knowledge, it is my intent to continue my academic career by pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Analytics. It is my hope that this additional degree will make me more aware of the global marketplace as well as equip me with the skills to aid businesses in spending dollars and targeting audiences wisely. In return this knowledge will aid in advancing my career by allowing me to bring more value to my industry.

    3. Provide two or more examples of how your membership in the NSLS has positively contributed to or influenced those around you.

      The National Society of Leadership and Success was the first organization that I was invited to join at Jacksonville University during the spring semester of my freshman year. Through the speaker seminars, especially Kat Cole’s, I found my courage to believe that I too could have an impact in my community as a leader. This belief then led me to pursue many leadership positions on my campus and to serve wholeheartedly in each of those roles.

      Through the induction process, I gained the skills of discipline, follow-through as well as the ability to balance multiple responsibilities. These skills are life-long and did not just aid in my leadership experiences, but I know they will aid in my professional career as well.

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