Learning Journal II

My unique gift is the need for combining my passions for marketing, management, music, sports, and entertainment together to create the ideal entertainment experience for the consumer. I have already began investing all I have into my passion by spending time, money, and effort completing schooling. I also have spent countless efforts in looking for jobs in order to apply for the future position that I will create. By creating this unique position, I hope to inspire other individuals who have similar passions that I do. Defining success is synonymous with happiness and making money. I want to reap the rewards of my hardwork, both emotionally as well as financially. My career vision and mission are as I said earlier. I want to combine my passions for marketing, sports, and music to create and manage an exciting entertainment value worth paying for and attending. By creating this position is already a bold innovative move. Utilizing my networking capabilities allow me to experience already established events and observe how I can apply and alter the success of these events when creating events in the future. My first goal is to continue attending these high profile events, such as the basketball tournaments, NFL games, Jumbo Shrimp games, and Bonnaroo festival, as well as other smaller concerts. Due to this position not exactly existing exactly how I want, there is a huge level of uncertainty. I want to continue to invest myself in a fantasy position, and I am willing to do so. I am willing to persevere until I reach the success level I want. In order to make this fantasy a reality, I am going to continue to network and make connections that are able to be used as stepping stones to other valuable connections.

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