Learning Journal I

What is your unique gift? – Do you believe in it enough to invest everything you have in it? 

  • My unique gift is tenacity and empathy. Yes, because in the end these are traits that are not limited to musical talent. 

What difference are you trying to make in the world? – How passionate are you about doing this? 

  • I’m trying to nurture the ears of musicians and their audiences. I’m devoting my life to it. 

How do you define success for yourself? – What challenges do you face in order to create success? 

  • When I die, I want to people to not only remember, study me and talk about my music. But to also remember me as someone who inspired them and pass on my teachings to the next generation of musicians. I deal with everyday challenge: Finances, housing, steady income and health. These are manageable, but sometimes hard to overcome.  

What is career vision and a mission? 

  • I envision my career to be dedicated to performance, production and education. My mission is to gain a comprehensive understand of music and life to take into the professional world where people can hire me for just about any music related job.  

Can you innovate and creates value and successfully communicate that value to intended audiences? 

  • I believe I can. 

Do you have a positive attitude? 

  • Yes, unless I am strongly against something. 

Have you set your goals? What is your road map to success? Can you set inspiring and realistic goals? 

  • Yes, short term goals. My road map to success is to implement what I learn from my instructors and pave my own way. Yes, I can set inspiring and realistic goals.  

Do you have and/or acquire the necessary expertise to actualize your vision? 

  • These are in development! 

What are your priorities? Can you set priorities? 

  • My priorities are to succeed academically, leave a long-lasting impression on my mentors and to graduate and go to grad school. Yes, I can set priorities.  

What opportunities are you looking for? What opportunities are you creating or intend to create? 

  • I’m looking to travel with groups, collaborate on people’s projects, inspire people and musicians. I think taking everything that I’m learning in school and apply it to my professional goals will create the opportunities I’m looking for.  

How comfortable are you with uncertainty? What risks are you willing to take? 

  • I am comfortable with it. I’m good at finding the diamond in the rough. The risks I’m willing to take directly apply to whatever is presented to me at that moment and time.  

When facing challenges, do you persevere, or do you walk away? 

  • I persevere.  

What experience have you learned the most from? 

  • Being baker acted in 2017.  

What actions are you taking to realize your vision? Are you consistently taking action? 

  • Achieve equal wellness in areas of, emotional/mental, financial, social, occupational, physical, intellectual and environmental health. Yes, day to day.  

How well do you put things in context? Are you able to easily respond to changes in your environment? What’s your best example? 

  • I believe there are somethings I understand and others I don’t. I am adaptable. My best example was becoming a music major when people told me I wouldn’t make it.  

What is your plan to continually grow and evolve? How have you grown or evolved in their past year or three? 

  • My plan to continually grow is to build upon what I learn and apply it to further reach and preserve my goals. In the last 3 years I went from being depressed and confused about my life and future to being on track and having the right elements and mindset to succeed.  

How easy is it for you to reach out to others to ask for support and to offer help? 

  • Yes. I wasn’t always that way.  

How are you inspiring others to join and/or support your mission in order to create a financially sustainable enterprise that allows you to live your gift and contribute something valuable to society? – If you aren’t currently, how do you intend to? 

  • I attribute a lot of my success from the lessons I learned as a wrestler. In wrestling, success is 10% winning matches and 90% how you prepare. I must constantly remind myself of how I used to be and apply it to who I am now. I want to try and help people understand what hard work really it is how pays off in the end. 

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