Internal Funding Request: Andrea C. Vilarino

I will be applying for the American Educational Research Association’s Research Grant. The AERA requires applicants to fill out an application, attach a resume, and plan of action.

My research will focus on showing new techniques of Makeup for Theatre focusing on middle/high school students in urban areas of Puerto Rico or New York. These techniques of art will be in both English and Spanish to reinforce their knowledge of both languages and also gain more creativity to new artist in the body paint/makeup. Three preliminary language tests would be given to the students, one written, one oral and one visual/creative. These exams would be administered at the beginning of the school year in August to determine their understanding of English and Spanish, again in December but more challenging creativities to monitor their progress until the end of the school year in May to see their overall growth of this programs.

The program would ideally be given every day after school and every Saturday for about an hour and a half. It has developed works best for a group of 20 teens, ages 10-19 . This program would consist of Four sections: me demonstrating a visual tutorial on what to do, them doing their interpretation of what I’ve shown them while asking questions me questions what to do, and than discussing about their work what they made different.

The grant would help cover travel expenses, books and supplemental materials for the students, and the costs of the exams.

Andrea C. Vilarino


2800 University Blvd. North, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Florida 32211

787.679.6015 /;


You Tube:




▪ Jacksonville University

Junior Year 2017-18: Musical Theatre, Jacksonville, Florida

▪ Colegio Ponceño

General Education: Class 2015, Ponce, P.R.

▪ José Balay – Painter

Drawing & Painting Course – August 2010 – September 2011: Ponce, P.R.

• Miguel Feliciano & Albert Rodriguez – Instituto Educativo Premier

Cosmetology Course – June 2015 – 2017: Ponce, P.R.


  • Premier Productions

Diego, The Lion & The Gang – Integrant & Makeup Artist

Musical Group performing at the Plaza del Caribe Mall: Presenting multiple

shows all through the year,plus a Special Music Production during the Christmas Season. Ponce, Puerto Rico, June 2010 – Present.

Presentations such as:

  • Duendes de Plaza del Caribe (2010 – 2017)
  • Halloween (2011 – 2014)
  • Jacksonville Party Princess Productions

Princess and Face Painter

Princess Production booked for Birthday Parties and Special Events; performed as princess, do games and Face paint. Jacksonville, Florida, July 2017 – Present.

  • Instituto Educativo Premier

Premier Teen Beauty Institute

Summer job working as Camp leader, Assistant to the Professors that gave the cosmetology classes and a Makeup Artist for teens. Ponce, Puerto Rico, June 2017

  • Jacksonville University – Musicals

Makeup for Musical Productions:

  • Aida The Musical: February 2018
  • Spring Awakening: January 2017
  • Children of Eden: February 2016
  • Jacksonville University

Haunted Trial – October 2015 (Walking Dead Theme; Zombies) and October 2017 (Diversity of Characters; Clown, Asylum and Zombies.)


• Instituto Educativo Premier – Cosmetology Courses – Advanced Make-Up – June & July 2015

• Theatrical Make-up Workshop – Professor Lauryliz González – December 2012

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