Group Grant Project – Ian/Allie/Landon/Andrea/Melissa

Grant Writing Group Project

           Ian Hyche, Melissa Allen, Allie McSwain, Landon Blackburn, Andrea Vilarino

            The Grant that we chose is the Neighborhood Grant Application from Full Service Schools of Jacksonville. This Application was sent to Melissa as part of a program and is not available publicly. It outlined very specifically what it needed, and Allie and I believed we could design a program that could fit the requirements and, with more planning and some adjustment, be a possibility to help Allie build McSwain Music.


  • Filled out application page
  • Written Descriptions of your program:
    • Target Population (Maximum ½ Page)
    • Program Narrative (Maximum One Page)
    • Implementation (Maximum ½ Page)
    • Accountability Fields (Up to a paragraph Each)
    • Program Budget

Target Population (Maximum ½ Page)

This program seeks to reach out to high school students, especially women and minorities, to spread awareness of the record industry. The goal would be to spend a day at a high school, showing examples of what we do and what we work with daily.

Depending on class density, it could be beneficial to divide this over multiple days to maximize each student’s opportunity to work with us and our program, but we could expect on average 25 students per classroom.

Program Narrative (Maximum One Page)

            Our program looks to visit high school classrooms to spread awareness of the recording industry as a part of STEAM education, especially to women and minorities. Caucasian men still dominate the industry, and our goal is to enable people of other demographics and backgrounds to feel comfortable pursuing a career in this field. Participants would observe and gain hands on experience with the hardware and software used in the industry.

            Members of our group would be responsible for working in and implementing the program. This includes bringing in and setting up the equipment, demonstrating the recording process, and educating students on the steps taken before, during and after the process.

Implementation (Maximum ½ page)

            Our program would take place during the school year, at a public high school in Duval county. Participants would be classes invited to join our presentation, or classes that would like to invite us to present for them. Transportation for students would not need to be provided as we would come to their school’s location.

            Our members would assemble the gear needed for a small, portable, recording session. We would load the gear into our vehicles and travel to the public school ourselves. We would then unpack and prepare our gear in either the space or classroom where we would be presenting.

            Once there, students would observe what steps we take to set up a recording session, how we coach and prepare an artist for recording, the actual recording process itself, either with one of our own or a volunteer, and then finally the editing and mixing process post recording. This entire process of a recording a single demonstration track will likely take up all our allotted time, but with any time left we would take and answer questions.

Accountability (Paragraph Each)

1.     How much will you do?

Our program will take students through the full process of recording a single track or demo. This includes the set-up process, coaching, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. By the end the class should be familiar with the steps and process and will hopefully have developed some interest in the career field if they were not already. If not, hopefully this will allow students to be more willing to seek out a field despite any possible gender or minority status.

2.     How well will you do it?

We’ll know we’re doing good based on the reactions and participation of the students. Another good indicator will be any questions they may have towards the end of the presentation. If they are excited to know more, then we’ve succeeded.

3.     Is anyone better off?

We will know if we’ve made a difference for students through their change in demeanor through the process. Students should be more comfortable around the hardware and software post presentation. This is not to be mistaken with being proficient in these tools. We are looking for them to simply be familiar enough with the work that they wouldn’t feel lost looking to explore in or learn more about the field.



Total Program Budget
Total Salaries At a minimum wage of $8.75, multiplied by our staff on hand of about 5 team members, for a school-day of about 6 and a half hours. $284.38
Benefits Money to feed our team. $50
Travel/Meetings Gas for travel to the school. $20
Utilities $0
Other Recurring Costs $0
Equipment Gear for our presentation. 3 – 20’ XLR Cables ($50) 2 – Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Mic ($200) 1 – Telefunken TF29 Tube Condenser Mic ($1295) 1 – PreSonus Quantum ($600) 1 – PreSonus Controller ($500) 1 – PreSonus Eris E5 Monitor Set ($300) 1 – PreSonus Temblor Sub ($400)
Other Non-Recurring Costs N/A
Total $3345

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