Artist Case Study- Landon Blackburn on Ari Hoenig

I chose to use my favorite modern drummer, Ari Hoenig, as the artist for my case study.

Ari Hoenig is one of the most unique musicians in the field today. He is a musician of few words but with great depth and intellect. Aside from being a drummer Ari is a, band leader, educator, entrepreneur and composer/arranger. Aside from being one of my favorite drummers, I specifically chose Ari because he does exactly what I want to do. Which is play music and create with others. Ari attributes his success to hard work and selling out to his craft. Being completely dedicated to his music. On Ari’s website,, you can find everything from his bio, educational material, sites he’s affiliated with such as, Patreon and My Music Master Class. Along with that he has access to his music and presskit. If you decide to view his website, take notes, because it’s one of the most well laid out websites I’ve seen for a musician,
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