Performance Experience – Kelly Wolfe

  1. The next time I walk on stage I want to feel over prepared and confident in what I can do. Confidence is something that I struggle with everyday especially when I’m performing. But, as an actress, I want to experience the same thoughts and emotions that my character would be in the moment and context of the scene I’m in. I can make this happen by doing the proper character analysis which will help me focus on the proper arc of my character.
  2. I would love to come off as professional as I can to my audience. I want to show my audience that I walk with a purpose on an off stage to move the story along. There’s nothing that bothers me more than someone who walks without purpose on stage.
  3. I have videotaped recent performances but I haven’t sat down with a mentor and watched it together. I have watched it by myself and it was very interesting to see my mannerisms and acting choices. But I don’t think that I’ll have time to sit down with a mentor to watch it especially since there are like 29 school days left. But, I have watched them with my parents who are so proud of what I’ve learned over my four years. The only downside is that they don’t really know what to talk about other than moving around from one spot.
  4. I do experience performance anxiety and i experience it with sweating, shaking, and butterflies in my stomach. Sometimes, my thoughts get a little wild and I second guess a lot of my lines and even my lyrics even though I’ve rehearsed them a hundred times. But, if i didn’t feel this way then it would mean that I didn’t care enough about what I was about to show everyone.
  5. I think I would work on the taking a deep breath intervention on handling anxiety. That seems like the most effective choice for me.
  6. I ALWAYS feel discomfort during my time in the practice room because of the fact that some people like to tear you down even though you are just practicing. Like I don’t even feel comfortable making weird noises to get to the nasal sound that I’m trying to achieve through my vocal warm up. I usually end up warming up at home just to do it without fear of others opinions.
  7. I do take breaks during my practice sessions for water or even to give my voice a break. The time of the breaks usually depends on what I’m practicing and what I have to do later. If I have a late night rehearsal then I try not to over-rehearse so that I’ll have the ability to perform properly later. 
  8. Some other things I can do to safeguard my performance health can be to not push my voice to hard. Some things outside vocal steps I can take are sleeping with a humidifier to bring moisture back to my folds. I also take ibuprofen before I go to bed as a relaxer for my vocal folds.

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