Networking Assignment 1

Precursor: I didn’t get any one person’s name.

Encounter 1:

I walked up to the first sculpture on the left of the gallery opening. I had no clue what I was looking at, but found that nobody else did either. A student stood, staring at the eight-foot-tall sculpture and I stood next to him and asked what a particular piece of the sculpture might have been made from. This triggered a small conversation where we were both perplexed by the creation that stood before us. Dumbfounded and at a loss of words to contribute to keep the conversation going, I moved on to the next piece in the exhibit.

Encounter 2:

The very next sculpture was surrounded by about eight theater/ music theater students. I run around with this group of people on the regular and quickly joined them. We ended up talking in a tight huddle while questioning what we were witnessing and making a game plan for the rest of the assignment.

Encounter 3:

In the back room with the jugs of yellow paint covering the floor, I walked around examining each jug until someone came up to me and noted that they thought the glass pieces were simply painted on the interior, but I corrected them and let them know that the glass jugs were entirely full of bright, yellow paint.

Encounter 4:

I had my wine in my hand; a simple drink, but conversationally perfect nonetheless. I decided to go with the Chardonnay while the person I talked with went with red. We both wished we’d gone with the other as I have a preference with red and she has a taste for white wine. I shared that I got the white wine to pair with the cheese assortment that was provided and she had asked for the red simply to try a free sample since her friends had always suggested she try it.

Encounter 5:

The refreshments station. I hadn’t eaten all day and being that this was free food and I am a broke college student, the food became my priority in the moment. Quantity over quality… A guy wanted to know which cheese was spicy and I pointed it out to him while also suggesting he try dipping it in the hummus, knowing full-and-well that would be nearly vomit-inducing. Needless to say, that was funny to watch.

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  1. This is a great read but there’s not a lot to work with here. Remember what the goals of the assignment (pasted below). How do you move on and improve from here? Isabella made a great post if you need an example but here are the minimum parameters for the assignment:

    Since this is a writing intensive course, you’ll be writing a reflection about this experience. How did you prepare? What was your goal? What worked best? What are some interesting things you learned from the people you met? What seemed to spark the most interest in people you spoke with about you? How will you improve the next time you do this? What kind of events do you feel are better suited for you to network at?

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