Networking Assignment 1

Networking is a huge thing that is very important in every single profession and career. As easy as it sounds and seems, you would be surprised on the difficulties you could face.

Going to the opening of the art gallery and talking to people I thought it would have been easy to do, but it was surprisingly difficult. I talk everyday to everyone I see, non stop. Talking to strangers is something different.

Being in musical theatre I am going to need to interact with people at the stage door every night after a show. Hundreds of fan there to see my show and I need to be able to speak to them so they can know that I appreciate them coming to the show. As well as when I am in an audition I need to talk to a lot of people and act fine so I could get a job. It sounds easier than it really is though.

I started out by just walking around and seeing what other people were doing and talking about. I spoke with some of my other classmates and they seemed to be a little on the edge of talking to random people too.

Once I gained some confidence I went over to where the snacks were and talking to people about the different chesse and crackers they had. People then walked over and spoke to me about eat. I did not even eat the food but everyone that I enteracted with had no idea that I didn’t either.

Once I went back into the gallery I went into the second room and looked the cow art work. So many viewers were mesmerized by the art. So many people were just discussing what they thought it was. I went up to different people and explained to them that it was all cow influenced art. I only knew this because I asked someone else. I just walked right of to someone who was trying to figure out what it was and just stood there with all of the confidence ever and spoke about how it was a cow. Explain the feet and horns are over that it created a cow with the element of veins and the human body. They just looked at me that I just knew completely what I was talking about. Which I did not.

Networking seems easy and something that you can just do off the spot, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. I had to find things that I could make other people discuss, once the topic changed I just acted like I knew what we were talking about. I did not have to convince myself that I knew what I was saying, but I needed them to think that I knew what I was talking about. This is where being an actor makes it great to be able to make things up and get a great job.

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