Landon Networking I

Last week we (the class) participated in a triangulation exercise during an art exposition at the campus of Jacksonville University. The goal was to use art as a gateway to a conversation with an individual, or group and practice networking. I met a freshman art history major named, Iris. She is from China, and I forgot her origin name. However, she goes by Iris. She’s new to America and is still on the fence about how she feels about being in such a new place. We discussed our interests and aspirations and to my surprise, she was a fan of jazz music. Not much came from the conversation except small talk. The second individual I was able to converse with was a gentleman by the name of, Jarry Berry. Jarry is a musician and producer. I asked him about how he got started it. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and we exchanged contacts! We discussed similar interests in music and different aspects of the changing music industry.

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