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So for this networking experience, I was a tad nervous. I’m an introvert who can also become an extrovert in certain situations. I didn’t really prepare for this only because I wasn’t too sure that I had to prepare for this event. My goal was to talk to a few of the visual art students. It may be sad to say but following Angelika around was really helpful because I was able to dovetail into her conversations. I think the biggest thing I learned from this experience was the fact that I wasn’t the only one who was confused about what some of the pieces were about. But other than those two girls I talked to, the others were students from this class that I don’t normally talk to.

I don’t really know what I could do differently to talk to visual artists in this type of setting. I feel like auditions are types of events that I feel better suited for me to network at. For example, I auditioned at Disney on Monday and was able to network very easily. I feel like this may be so because we all shared a common interest and common goal of getting hired by the Mouse. I walked into that audition not knowing anyone and was able to walk out with 4 new friends. It’s interesting to see how a simple change in surroundings can change how someone like me is able to network with other people.

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  1. Great observation but I’d love to read what you talked about and learn more about the experience. Yes, most times it is easier to talk to folks at events that suit your background but I believe you were in the audience when Michael Olson spoke of going to his first festival, too intimidated to speak to people and ended up eating McDonald’s in his car!

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