Chris Smith Networking Assignment 1:

I started this networking opportunity by discussing different aspects of the installations with the people around me but I found myself striving for incite from the source. Understanding the artists’ vision quickly became my number one priority. When talking with Jason Lee about his installation “Mad Garden” I found why I was so drawn to his work. Jason shared much of the same curiosity towards unique materials in his art that I have when creating my instruments. It was something I only fully realized upon discussing it with him and it was an eye opening experience. I had a very similar conversation with Dylan Collins, the owner of the other installation featured in the Alexander Brest Gallery.

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Christopher Smith is a musician and entrepreneur based out of Jacksonville, Florida. As the owner of CJS Percussion, he crafts innovative percussive art pieces that have been described as organic and cutting edge. He is currently pursuing a degree in Music Business at Jacksonville University under the guidance of Mark Snyder and is studying percussion with Tony Steve. Christopher performs in the Jacksonville University Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and is the principal percussionist for the JU Wind Ensemble. He is involved with Dolphinium Records, where he is the head of manufacturing and licensing.

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