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The art gallery opening was a great experience. I met eight people I had never spoke to before, 3 of the people I spoke to were art majors at Jacksonville University, 2 were graphic design majors, 1 was a nursing major and the 2 were the artist of the exhibits.

The exhibit had overall two main themes, punk rock/ suburbia type style and a variety of different/unusual  visual diagrams to portrait different parts of a human-cow combo. The art in they gallery was very intriguing to look at, as I found, everytime I looked at the same piece of art I would see something different. The pieces were interpreted differently by every person I talked to; they would see something I wouldn’t.

    The first two art majors I spoke helped set up the exhibit. They Informed me that the movement of the art itself was very stressful and they had to be very cautious while setting it up. The did not really know the meaning behind the exhibit, although they had very interesting insights. The person I enjoyed talking to the most was Haley, Haley was a former Interior Design Major but later switched over to Nursing. Her takes on the art were the most unique and diverse from anyone I talked to. She pointed out to me that there were different cow pieces (Horns, Stomach, etc. ) on the sculptures that we we’re looking at. She thought that maybe this implied the decomposing of a cow but for human digestion.

    The last two people I spoke with where the artist themselves. The descriptions of their art where incredible, and after speaking with them it felt as though it all feel into places. I understood why there were cow diagram parts mushed together with human diagram parts. He said growing up he really enjoyed organizing things by color, and diagrams really stuck out to him. He also explained to us that a lot of his models were inspired by his own body parts (like his legs). The other artist was also very interesting to talk to. He told us his complete inspiration for his art. He told us about how he grew up in the 80’s and was influenced by punk-rock. He later went on to tell us that, punk rock was “glossed over”, and made easier to look at the older he got. This was his whole inspiration for the pieces he worked on in the gallery.

    Overall the experience was great. I saw great artwork, met nice people, and had a great time. The artist were very inspiring, as they work diligently and effectively to have it displayed in the Brest Gallery.

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  1. This is good but spelling and grammar…..
    I like the connection you made with the presenting artists. Hold onto their passion and ability to connect you with their work when I have the artist panel come in next week.

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