Derisa’s Networking Assignment

Derisa Greaves Networking Assignment

 Having little to no knowledge of contemporary art, it would have behooved me at the very least to research the artists that were being featured at the Alexander Breast Art Showcase. Going in there blindly made the endeavor difficult when trying to comment on the artwork to other spectators. Although I did not prepare for the actual event, I was prepared to mingle and indulge in the classic wine and cheese combo. I brought a friend to the exhibit for two reasons; one she has some knowledge when it comes to contemporary art and two, I needed someone to help me maneuver through the crowd. Usually I have no problem speaking to people at music or sporting events but the art gallery proved to be different. My intent was to strike a conversation with as many people as possible; I managed to speak to quite a few people including one of the featured artist while leaving the exhibit in one piece. When trying to approach people I found that starting off the conversation with humor made it easier to have a conversation about the art; many of which were thoughtful. In contrast, when I tried to begin speaking about the art itself it proved to be short in length and cold. When I spoke to one of the featured artist he was the most intrigued by what I thought the art reminded me of which was 80’s pop and MTV. My interpretation was not too far off as the art was an ode to his adolescent years. After having a conversation with the artist and other people in attendance I learned that creatives, artist and musicians alike subconsciously create bodies of work that pays homage to their childhoods. The artist and I could connect because I had knowledge of the music of the decade and the culture. As a result, in the future I will do my research on the subject matter especially when I am diving into a realm that is not my own. 

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