Ve Neil Artist Case Study

  • What makes you and your work unique?
    • Ve Neil is well known for self teaching, with addition of other make-up artist showing her tips and tricks. She credits being able to examine the legendary work of John Chambers and Fred Phillips, in order to grow as an artits.
  • Do you have a brand or artist statement?
    • Ve Neil is famous for her amazing work in beetlejuice, Mrs. Doubtfire, Ed wood and so many others but, she also serves as a judge on Syfy original series Face Off and as Director of Education at Cinema Makeup School in LA, California. She teaches and hosts a scholarship at the school for new students called Ve Neil Legends of Makeup Scholarship. She also has a special effects makeup brand selled in is a PPI Product is called Ve Neil Damaged goods Palette with a price of $80. Its an alcohol base face paint that can be only activated with 100% alcohol.
  • Do you have a mission or vision?
    • Her interest in the makeup world was broadened by leo lotito, a makeup artist for TV shows who helped her with her halloween costumes. Ve Neil, at age 18, went to a science-fiction convention to gather inspiration ended with Fred Phillips taking her under his wings and a job on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Her vision is to inspire woman and men that we are needed to develop their skills and nobody should judge you for what your doing because if you can do it you will accomplish it.
  • Do you have career goals laid out for the next 5-10 years?
    • Ever since she started her career at age 18, she never stop working to other opportunities for other films or TV shows that she can work in. She saw herself as learning more throughout her journey to go big or go home.
  • What do you do and what are you doing?
    • She is currently a judge at Syfy original series Face Off. A director of Education in Cinema Makeup school. But she is still doing Makeup for well known films like Hunger Games and other upcoming movies that she collaborating.
  • How are you connecting and building audiences and how do you market to them?
    • Ve Neil is marketing herself by keeping on working and showing her audience that she can do anything so in other words she knows what she is doing and she wont stop.
  • What opportunities are you on the lookout for?
    • More Syfy movies and get a group of young people to mentor them and make them successful special effects makeup artist for film and theatre.
  • Did you look at someone else’s career to make a path for your own and if so, what was it?
    • John Chambers and Fred Phillips that actually made her as who she became to be.
  • How do you fund your work?
    • By working on extraordinary Syfy films and keep on learning while she works. By starting as an Assistant to Fred phillips to becoming a Director of education to Cinema Makeup School in LA, California.
  • How did you initially get funding?
    • She got her funding by being hired on the spot and get paid with Fred Phillips to work for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • What networks or organizations do you belong to and which ones have helped you the most?
    • Ve Neil belongs to staff of Cinema Makeup School as a Director of education, a Judge for Face Off and of course her famous works in the best movies. Because of that she has been recognized and hired for more famous films.

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