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Emily Pate- Case Study

Karlee Ferreira is an actor, singer and dancer. She is currently serving as the dance captain and a swing in Chicago’s Hamilton. Karlee has appeared in the national tours of Aladdin and In the Heights, as well as danced on the television show Glee. I met Karlee as I was growing up in Greenville, SC doing productions. She was kind enough to text and chat with me about this assignment. The reason I reached out to her is because she managed to get out of the same small town I grew up in and make it as a successful actor.

  • What makes you and your work unique?
    • Karlee is not only an awesome ensemble member, she is a highly trained choreographer. Karlee is also a fitness trainer.
  • Do you have a brand or artist statement?
    • “not that I have given much thought to!”
  • Do you have a mission or vision?
    • “I envision myself originating a role on Broadway.”
  • Do you have career goals laid out for the next 5-10 years?
    • Karlee is currently in the Chicago cast of Hamilton. She wants to stay in this show for at least two more years. She is also planning a wedding. Karlee hopes to balance a family and continue touring.
  • How are you connecting and building audiences and how do you market to them?
    • “Every ensemble I’ve been in has offered numerous connections to casting agents and companies that are in need of dancers. My fitness operation is similar. Many of my cast mates have become clients.”
    • Karlee markets herself through the Beach Body fitness company and through her own website and social media.
  • What opportunities are you on the lookout for?
    • “I am constantly on looking for new casting opportunities, especially for new works.”
  • Did you look at someone else’s career to make a path for your own and if so, what was it?
    • “I actually have followed in my mom’s footsteps as a dancer. Many of the roles I have played just came as luck and hard work, not necessarily modeling myself after a specific person.”
  • How did you initially get funding?
    • “It’s not cheap to be in the theater world. I taught a lot of classes in the Greenville area to little kids to make some money. I also waited tables when I moved to New York in between auditions. It’s kind of like a rite of passage.”
  • What networks or organizations do you belong to and which ones have helped you the most?
    • “Actor’s Equity is definitely the most beneficial for me because I can walk into pretty much any call I want.” Karlee is also a member of Shakeology for her fitness training position to help spread her name in that industry.
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