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Artist Case Study

            Mandy Gonzalez

            For my artist case study, I chose Mandy Gonzalez. She is a working actress, performs in numerous concert halls, appears in tv shows, and visits schools to give workshops influencing students to be fearless, all while balancing life at home with a husband and daughter. She has one of the most powerful and versatile voices of our time and at age 40 she is still in the business working. A life that I hope to live one day. I want to be working on stage, TV, or film. I want to visit schools and talk about things I find important such as, music, equality, and the Hispanic culture. I want to work as an actor and have a family one day. It is a challenging lifestyle, but I will do whatever it takes to make it work. I want to leave positive influences wherever I go, and I believe Mandy Gonzalez does exactly that. Unfortunately, she is a busy woman and could not answer my questions, so I went to the internet to find as much as I could with regards to the questions posted.

  • Do you have a brand or artist statement?

Mandy is the founder of #FearlessSquad. Her title song, Fearless, from her solo album is dedicated to #FearlessSquad. It is a social media community that supports people to follow their dreams and celebrates those who help others to get there. The online movement is open to anyone who embraces its defined moral rules; Help each other when we fall, embrace differences, look for the good, and dream big.

  • How did you find your first acting opportunities?

After spending a year at the California Institute of the Arts, Mandy went on tour with Bette Midler as a backing singer. She made her Broadway debut as Sarah in Dance of the Vampires (2002). From there she took over the role of Amneris in Aida (2002). In the next few years, Mandy originated the role of Nina Rosario in In the Heights (2005). In the Heights skyrocketed her career.

  • What do you do and what are you doing?

She is currently playing Angelika in Hamilton in Chicago and Lucy Knox in Madam Secretary on CBS. Mandy recently performed at the Duncan Theater in Lake Worth, FL for a concert.

  • How are you connecting and building audiences and how do you market to them?

Mandy connects with her audience using social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. She consistently posts about what she is doing and what she will be doing in the future. She also travels to schools to promote her brand #FearlessSquad. Mandy has a website with details on her future events, video reels, music, production photos, and a biography.

  • What venues have you performed in?

Venues Mandy have performed in include, Café Carlyle (NYC), Duncan Theater (FL), Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts (FL),  New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJ), Oxford Hall Auditorium (OH), and more. Mandy has also toured the US for her Fearless Album.

  • What networks or organizations do you belong to and which ones have helped you the most?

Mandy follows several organizations;

-R. Evolucion Latina, A nonprofit organization making a difference through the arts.

-Voto Latino, a nonprofit pioneering civic media organization that seeks to transform America by recognizing Latinos’ innate leadership.

-Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit organization to empower and advance the Hispanic community.

-UndocuMedia, a nonprofit organization with the motto, “Immigrant rights are human rights!”

-March For Our Lives, a nonprofit organization that fights for comprehensive gun safety legislation at the local, state, and federal level and undertakes voter education and ballot initiatives.

-Stage Door Productions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with children and teens to develop future leaders while exploring their passion for musical theatre.

-Women’s March, a nonprofit organization created by women and for all people to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.

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