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·      I believe I have several unique gifts. The first being the fact that I have an interesting look which can lend itself to either a youthful character or even a mature adult. I also have the type of look that can translate across different types of media such as stage and the screen (big or small). I believe I have enough to invest everything I have into it because it is innately within me. 

·     The difference I’m trying to make in the world is to bring professionalism and kindness into all that I do. I feel if I go above and beyond in whatever I do, it will only effect the world in a positive way. I am very passionate about doing this. It will hopefully cause a ripple within the field so that others can share the kindness and professionalism.

·     As of right now, I would define success as being able to go into an audition and be able to feel great about what I did in the audition room. I think something that I have to face in order to create this success would be the anxiety that all actors have about not being good enough or not being what the directors are looking for.

·     My career vision/mission would include working my way up from equity theatres or even an amusement park setting. I would use these employers as stepping stones to network and grow the fund to make the move to NYC. My end goal is to originate a role on Broadway.

·      I believe I have a positive attitude towards a handful of things but I should really work on being more positive about my career. I feel like it’s holding me back when I am negative about how an audition went or how I sound.

·      I feel like I have my goals set but it’s really hard to create a solid road map to follow to reach that dream. I feel this way because it all just depends on what opportunities I can get and even what connections I make. 

·     At this point, I have a few people who I can trust to help me actualize my vision. They give me insight into how to reach my dream and even tips/tricks that can be useful for me once I graduate.

·     My priorities as of now are to make sure I have a job once I graduate from college. I really want to start putting my degree to use as soon as I get it in my hand. And to make sure this priority is set, I have been auditioning or at least plan for auditions in the near future.

·      I am looking for opportunities that will help me make connections but also ones that will help my career grow in an upward fashion. As I said for setting priorities, I have been auditioning or at least plan for auditions in the near future.

·      I have to be comfortable with uncertainty as an actress because there could be several reasons why I may not book the gig. I could either not be the right fit or it could come down to a scheduling issue. I risk not making money regularly as I do now and I also run the risk of my hair turning grey from the stress.

·      I feel like it depends on the challenge but more times than not, I persevere when I’m faced with challenges. If it feels like it is impossible, I reach out to a professor who may have faced this in their lifetime.

·      I feel like I have learned the most from just actively going to auditions. There are just somethings you can’t learn in a class setting.

·     To make sure I realize my vision, I am always keeping my eyes and ears open to the auditions that may be a perfect fit for me. And when I hear about these certain auditions, I make sure to do all that’s in my power to show up at these specific auditions.

·      I believe to continually grow and evolve, I have to make sure I’m keeping myself open to do so. I try and pick up things that I see and hear in the professional world. I have definitely evolved in my past 3 years at JU and cannot even imagine where I will be in another 3 years.

·      I find it very easy to reach out to others for support and to offer help. 

·      I don’t think I’m really inspiring people to join and/or support my mission. I feel like I have friends and family who are supporting me but I feel as though that is the extent of inspiring others.

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  1. More detail would really help you with gaining a better defined direction. We’ll talk about this more in class.

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